The Fifth Session of Petroleum Engineering English Contest
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 China University of Petroleum (East China)
The Fifth Session of Petroleum Engineering English Contest

  The Preliminary Eighteenth SPE PetroBowl  

The Purpose & Significance

 In order to effectively respond to the call of schools and colleges to promote the process of internationalization of our schools, train international petroleum talents, stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning and applying specialized English, promote students' specialized English, broaden their international horizons, and display the high-quality of our students, we are now holding the fifth Petroleum Engineering English Contest.

 This competition aims to provide students an opportunity to test their English ability, to set up a stage to show what they have learned, to build a bridge for mutual exchanges and learning, and to create an opportunity to let students move towards the world. The two rounds of competitions show students' comprehensive abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing. At the same time, the final round adopts the competition form of SPE PetroBowl (the international petroleum engineering knowledge contest), which helps students to understand and get familiar with the question types, rules and process of this contest, stimulates their enthusiasm to participate in PetroBowl, and lays a good foundation for storing and selecting excellent talents to participate in the competition.


 The competition will be based on the principles of fairness, transparency and openness, with the aim of improving students' comprehensive English ability, and selecting excellent talents to participate in PetroBowl on behalf of our school.

Competition Schedule

Preliminary Round17th November, 2018 (Saturday of the 10th week) 19:00 -21:00

Final Round18th November, 2018 (Sunday of the 11th week) 19:00 -21:00


Check the notice in QQ group.


China University of Petroleum (East China) SPE Student Chapter

Postgraduate Student Union of College of Petroleum Engineering


All the full-time students of China University of Petroleum (East China) (Any grade, Any major)

How to Sign Up

 1. If you are interested in the competition, please join QQ group: 720936970. Also, you can go to CUPE SPE Student Chapter website ( to check the notice and download the application form on the notice board (see Annex 1).

 2. Before you signing up, please go to SPE website ( and register as a SPE member. The registration process is shown in Annex 2.

 3. After completing the registration form, please send it to and name the form and email as "Major& Grade + Name", Registration Deadline: 15th November 23:59pm.

Competition Rules & Regulations

The competition is consists of preliminary round and final round. The final results are evaluated comprehensively according to the results of the preliminary round and the final round.

1.Preliminary Round

1Form and language

The preliminary round is taken in written form and all questions and answers are in English.

2Competition time

90 minutes (to be determined)

3Question types, scores and proportions

①Listening comprehensions of petroleum engineering related glossaries

 The questions are given in the form of explanation.

2 points for each word, a total of 30 words, so total of 60 points

Accounting for 60% of the total score


7 questions, a total of 20 points.

Accounting for 20% of the total score

 ③Paper translation or glossary explanation

 Paper translation: translate any 2 of three paragraphs extracted from Journal papers into Chinese. 5 points each paragraph, totaling 10 points. There are no additional points for translating extra translations and only the scores of the first two paragraphs can be recorded if you do so.

 Glossary explanation: there will be two paragraphs. You have to choose any 5 underlined glossaries from each paragraph to explain in English from the two paragraphs given.

Accounting for 10% of the total score


5 points per question, a total of 2 questions, so total of 10 points

Accounting for 10% of the total score.

4Evaluation standard

 According to the score, the top 10 competitors will enter the final round. If there are players in top ten having same score, the players limitation for next round will exceed 10. The qualified competitors will receive a notice of entering the final round on the day of the preliminary round.

5The judges

 The judges will be comprised by China University of Petroleum (East China) SPE Student Chapter and Postgraduate Student Union of College of Petroleum Engineering.

2. Final Round

1Form of competition

Each competitor will answer questions from different major direction (Oil Reservoir, Drilling, Oil Recovery, Petrochemical Industry, Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation). The questions and answers are in English.

2Types of Questions and rules of judgment

①Time limited questions

Each round contains 10 questions, each competitor corresponds to 1 question. The competitors will be questioned by turns by the host.

INormal answer questions

 When it comes to a competitor's turn, he or she must begin to answer within 5 seconds after the host reads the question and must complete the answer within 15 seconds. If not answering for more than 5 seconds, it will be regarded as invalid and will not be included in the judgement. Whether the answer is correct or not shall be judged by the hosts or the judges.

Right answers contains points while no points for wrong answers.

10 points per question, a total of 6 questions

IISupplementary answer questions

When a competitor answers, if the host judges that the answer is wrong, the other competitors can give a supplementary answer. The correct answer contains points while no points for wrong answers.

 The supplementary answer is voluntary, and the contestant can decide whether to answer or not.

 The supplementary answer need to be competed with each other. Only the first competitor who gestures is eligible to answer the questions.

There is only 1 supplementary answer to each question.

The host needs to remind each competitor that the grace of the competition must be fulfilled.

②Time-limited translation

A competitor is asked to translate the paragraph related to his/her major into Chinese.

The preparation time is 1 minute, 10 points will be deducted for overtime.

The translation time is 3 minutes, and the translation after 3 minutes is deemed invalid. The judges will score the translation based on the content provided within 3 minutes.

 The judges will rate based on their accuracy, fluency and grace.

 The total score obtained by the competitors in this process will be evaluated by the average score and the overtime deduction given by the comprehensive judges.

One translation question contains 40 points, a total of 1 question.

③Detailed score rules for the final round

The total score of the final round shall be calculated according to the formula below

The total score = time-limit answer score × 0.6+ time-limit translation score× 0.4

④ Competitors appeal

Each competitor has an opportunity to appeal, and the contents include but are not limited to: the misrepresentation of the host, the questioning of the host's judgment or the judge's evaluation, etc. An appeal must be formally presented with the host within 15 second, it is first stated by parties, and the judges will give a result.

3The judges

The judges of each group includes

 ① 1 host, responsible for announcing the start and end of the competition, reading questions, judging answers, consulting the judges, etc.

 ②4 judges, making the decision when the host cannot give a judgement or when competitors appeals.

③1 scorekeeper, responsible for recording the score of each group.

④1 timekeeper, responsible for timing, stopwatch, reclocking, and reminding the host of the progress of the competition.

4Equipment needed for the competition

Scorecard, stopwatch, paper, pen, calculator

5Judgment standards

 The final results are determined according to the scores of the preliminary round and the final round. It shall be calculated according to the formula below

Final result= preliminary score×0.3+ final score×0.7

 The calculated result is rounded to 1 decimal place. The relevant awards are judged from the highest to the lowest. Meanwhile, the top four competitors will participate in the training of the 18th SPE PetroBowl.

 In order to ensure the fairness, transparency and openness of the competition, the final results will be publicized. If the competitors have objections to the results, they can give feedback to the relevant responsible persons to determine the final results.

Reference Books

  1. English for Petroleum Engineering

  2. The English version of reservoir physics

  3. Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary:

The above are the main references, but not limited to the above.


 There are 1 first prize, 2 second prizes and 7 third prizes. All the winners will be awarded certificates and several other prizes.


First prizecertificate+ a headphone

Second prizecertificate+ a Mi Band

Third prizecertificate+ a 16G USB Disk